Here are some sequences from programmes that Hugh has directed; the full series of The Hunt and Africa are available to view on Netflix.

Blue whale sequence from The Hunt: Hunger at Sea

See the largest animal in the world as you’ve never seen them before.

Flying fish sequence from The Hunt: Hunger at Sea

The dramatic sequence where flying fish try desperately to evade capture by dorado and frigate birds.

Feeding frenzy from The Hunt: Hunger at Sea

Sea lions, sharks, tuna, dolphins, shearwaters and whales work together to consume a vast shoal of sardines in an amazing bait ball.

The amazing sardine run from Nature’s Great Events: The Great Tide

Dolphins, sharks, gannets and whales feast on sardines in the annual sardine run off the Wild Coast of South Africa.

Humpback whales feeding from Nature’s Great Event’s: The Great Feast

A group of humpback whales hunt together using a net of bubbles to catch herring in the rich seas off Alaska.

Baby turtle sequence from Africa: Cape

Baby green turtles face a dramatic race for life as they dash for the safety of the ocean on the golden beaches of Africa’s Cape.

Giraffe sequence from Africa: Kalahari

The greatest giraffe fight ever filmed as two males battle for supremacy in the stunning Hoanib River, Namibia. We can also film on land.