Oceanic Films produce world-class films about the wildlife
in our oceans, telling new, engaging and dramatic
stories from above and beneath the waves.

Oceanic Films was established by Hugh Pearson, an EMMY and BAFTA award-winning director who specialises in making wildlife films at sea. Hugh is one of the most experienced and respected in the business and has a proven track record of delivering world-class films in one of the hardest filming environments.

Oceanic Films are at the forefront of developing the very latest ocean filming techniques – underwater, topside and aerial – to tell the most dramatic and engaging stories. We have extensive knowledge of many wildlife stories and first-hand experience of filming at hundreds of locations around the world, plus an unparalleled global network of cameramen, scientists, skippers, divers and pilots. We have a deep understanding of the many issues that threaten the health of our oceans and a passion to convey these to a global audience.

As well as producing our own films we consult on every aspect of ocean filming, adding creativity and ensuring optimum use of the budget. We can assess the feasibility of an initial idea, advise on optimum logistics for shoots, set up and direct individual shoots and whole films. With our vast experience and global network we are uniquely positioned to help.

Hugh was at the BBC Natural History Unit and Silverback Films for over twenty years and is a world leader at producing and directing ocean wildlife films. Hugh worked on blockbuster series such as The Blue Planet, Africa, Nature’s Great Events and The Hunt. Most recently Hugh produced and directed the Coastal Seas and High Seas episodes of Our Planet for Netflix. With a First-Class degree in Marine Biology and two decades filming at sea Hugh has a deep understanding of the oceans and passion for telling stories about ocean wildlife, as well as the many challenges facing the health of our seas today.

Listen to Hugh talking on the Big Deep Podcast about his experiences of filming in the ocean.